The Black Sea

Some may have never heard of the Black Sea. I set foot on its beaches literally before I could even walk, I was 7 or 8 months at the time. Then, year after year it became my headquarter, this at least a couple of weeks every summer. It’s also the place where I met my future husband.

I need the sun, the beach and the sea as much as I need air! It has been proven that a trip to the seaside is as good as therapy! It brings a peace of mind difficult to find in this speedy world we are living in.

As I was born in Romania, I have familiar with that part of coast going through my country and over to Bulgaria.

In the most northern part of the Romanian coastline of the Black Sea lies the beautiful Danube Delta, its northernmost arm makes up for a natural frontier with Ukraine. In the south, there’s Bulgaria.

Why is it called the Black Sea?

There are a few theories about that. Probably it’s because of the fact that in the depths there no life because of a phenomenon called anoxia. As it is a closed sea, communicating with the Marmara Sea, then Aegean, Mediterranean and all the way to Atlantic Ocean, the difference in salinity causes water exchanges in layers (because of the density). In other words, the currents are mostly horizontal and the layers do not mix. So in deep water there’s no marine life due to the lack of oxygen.

Another ancient theory is that the colour indicates a cardinal point of the known world, the Greeks called it dark, black or dark indicated the North. Meaning that the people who called it like that have already had knowledge about the 3 other seas position: red for the south, white for the west and green or light blue for the east.

In some future posts I will give more details about places to see on the coast of the Black Sea. Also about good beaches, secluded ones, hippie villages and more interesting stuff!

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