Boracay @ Villa Caemilla

This is the third time I come to Boracay (The Philippines) and stay at Villa Caemilla.

The first time I came was at the end of November 2015, then December 2016. Meanwhile Boracay island was closed for a environmental rehabilitation.

6405 tourists are allowed to get on the island daily, that is a third of the people that can be on the island at the same time. The tourists with bookings have priority.

Why I like it here that much?!

Well, first of all the White Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. There are no cars allowed on the west side of the island, only bicycles. Between the hotel and the beach there’s only a sand path.

Kids can play unrestrained. The beach is quiet around Station 3, where Villa Caemilla is located. So if you’re searching for complete relaxation , this is the place!

Second of all, the people here are truly warm hearted. They are so kind and smiling all the time. Some of the staff at Villa Caemilla even remembered my son’s name after more than 2 years!!

Life is simple here: relax, swim, sip some delicious mango juice, get a tan while reading your book of the moment. If you travel with kids, just bring them! Everything else you can find at Villa Caemilla: beach mats and towels, beach toys, buoy etc. (they are lending them for free for you to use during your stay).

After the rehabilitation, a lot of things have changed around here: no more plastic bottles – you are given a reusable gourd to fill with water at discretion, plastic straws have been replaced with metal reusable ones. The small chocolate you get with your espresso comes from “fair trade” sources!

There’s also something that hasn’t changed with the years: the staff! Always caring and listening to your needs. I was happy to see the same faces again! They are like a family and make you feel like you are belonging to this big family.

So if you would like to experience what I did, you’re more than welcome to try! I hope you’ll like it as much as I did the 3 times I’ve been here.

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