Taiwanese tea in a Japanese cup

I was in the mood for some tea. So I boiled some water, prepared my 嚴選阿里山烏龍 translated: Exquisite Alishan Oolong Tea which I bought from Wang DE Chuan  in Taipei.


Before living in China, I had no idea that I like Oolong tea. As it figures out it’s one of my favourite teas now!

I served my tea in a cup I hand painted myself in Arita, Japan – the cradle of pottery. Did I mentioned my newest hobby is painting on ceramics? You can take a peak at my “creations” in another post.

AritaThe tea leafs are in a small cup I bought from Xidi Ancient Village, Anhui, China.

Then I put my tea cup on a ethnic embroidered fabric I bought in a eco-conscious shop on the Inle Lake in Myanmar.


Why am I telling you all that?! I guess I have lots of things that I would like to share. My experiences could benefit to others, and that would make me very very happy!

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