My gear list (photography)

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am really passionate about photography. It has been my longest love story and it's still going!! So here a list (in no particular order) of my photography gear & gadgets: Canon EOS 6D Camera & Canon 24-105mm f/4 L Lens - together they create a versatile tool to... Continue Reading →

Taiwanese tea in a Japanese cup

I was in the mood for some tea. So I boiled some water, prepared my 嚴選阿里山烏龍 translated: Exquisite Alishan Oolong Tea which I bought from Wang DE Chuan  in Taipei. Before living in China, I had no idea that I like Oolong tea. As it figures out it's one of my favourite teas now! I served my... Continue Reading →

The Shanghai of today

For those who have the means, life is easy in Shanghai. You can do just about anything, eat anything you wish for, take whatever classes you could think off, you can basically have a full schedule day after day. And in order to do all that, you only need ONE THING when you get out... Continue Reading →

About Laura

I am Laura. I was born in Bucharest, a few years before the 1989 revolution. This blog is about my wanderings and some of my favorite things : photography, art, people and daily life. I started working at 19, during my first year of university, in order to gain financial independence. That enabled me to... Continue Reading →

Harbin, China 哈尔滨

I've traveled to Harbin between Christmas and New Year, in December 2017. This time I traveled with a Chinese friend of mine, Ivy. We slept there for three nights, right next to the pedestrian street Zhong Yang 中央大街 in the city centre. I might add that at -23 °C/-9.4°F (with a real feel at -33°C),... Continue Reading →

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