Aerial arts

I only discovered Aerial arts recently, about 3 months ago, but I became an addict already!

What are Aerial arts? In some countries they are called AntiGravity and they are disciplines which are inspired from the circus world. Basically is training made in the air. It requires a lot of strength in the arms and the core and a lot of flexibility.

When a was little, like any good Romanian, I was a gymnast, later a ballet dancer and then my boyish side took over and I switched to Japanese Martial Arts. What all these disciplines had in common was flexibility :

👆🏻This is me when I was a kid, perfectly flexible! I used to love doing splits. Later on, I completely lost this ability. But I am training hard to regain it!

My first Aerial 👆🏻and Pole class👇🏻 coached by Adeline @ Studio K

My first time trying Lyra 👆🏻coached by Hsien Ming

👆🏻 Aerial class by Krissy @ Studio K

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