About Laura

I am Laura. I was born in Bucharest, a few years before the 1989 revolution. This blog is about my wanderings and some of my favorite things : photography, art, people and daily life.

I started working at 19, during my first year of university, in order to gain financial independence. That enabled me to organise my first Europe tour, then my second one and so on.

At 25 I left Bucharest for Paris, then I left Paris for Shanghai. I’ve been leaving in China for more then 4 years now. Most of my latest travels had Shanghai as a departure hub.

I have been passionate about photography as long as I remember. All the men in my family had their improvised dark rooms in their bathrooms. We always had cameras at home. My Father used to take a lot of pictures in a time when it wasn’t easy to develop them, so he went through some private “network” or did it himself in our home bathroom. I was allowed to use his camera very young, which was really cool for a kid. Later on, around 10 or 12, I started to take the camera out, buy my own films and start shooting with my class mates.

When the digital cameras arrived and the memory cards got bigger and bigger it was a real photographic democratisation! For my 20th birthday I received a Canon from my boyfriend at the time. It was the most beautiful gift I had ever received! Now I am using a Canon 6D whenever I can carry it with me or a Canon 7Gx for less important “jobs”. Or simply my phone, on an every day basis. Thanks to technology, the phones are pretty good for daytime photography or small movies, and the advantage is that you carry them with you all the time anyways!

But that’s enough writing about me! Check out my instagram to see the world through my eyes and lenses.

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